28 Temmuz 2011 Perşembe


'The final leg of the northwards trip ended in Istanbul on Sunday 13 June when we pulled into the worst marina I have ever been in – namely the outrageously expensive Atakoy marina (EUR105 a night) some 20 minutes from the centre of Istanbul. You certainly pay for the convenience – and they would say privilege of staying at one of the most poorly and ill disciplined marinas I have ever seen.
If I start writing about it in detail it will turn me to drink so I will not start. If they had a complaints book at the reception I would have taken up a few pages. Our arrival alone was marred by the marina boat boys fouling their bow line on our bow thruster – they said they could get a diver within a couple of days to clear it. I got in the filthy water with a snorkel and cleared it while they watched – I suspect it is likely to be the first time they have seen an owner do something like that as they were clearly astounded.'  03.07.2011, Pam & Keith, S/Y Savarna

Bu yabancı tekne sahibinin Ataköy Marina'daki tecrübeleri pek iyi değil. Kısaca özetlemek gerekirse: 'Bağlandığımız en kötü ve aşırı pahalı marina... Şikayet defteri olsa sayfalarca yazabilirdim... Girişte palamar botunun halatı ön pervaneme dolandı. Birkaç gün içinde dalgıç gelip düzeltir, dediler. Kendim pis suya girip halatı çözerken beni hayretle seyrettiler...'

Elçiye zeval olmaz...

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